Discovery Education in Action: Delonta Davis

Background: BS- Sociology Bowie State University; Graduate Certificate- Instructional Technology University of Maryland University College
Name: Instructor Delonta Antonio Davis
Role/School: 5th Grade math, science, STEM teacher; Technology Coordinator; Grade 5 Chair
Subjects/Grades Taught: Math/Science/Health/ Computer Technology


How did you find yourself in teaching?

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to teach as a profession. In high school I met my physics and AP biology teacher, Instructor Holland, who helped me develop a love for science and confirm my desire to teach. He was such a wonderful man and a spectacular teacher.  I decided to carry on his legacy and teach as well. This is why I go by Instructor Davis.

What is your favorite thing about Science Techbook?

I really love the interactive activities. The students can use hands-on exploring to practice and study digital material related to what they are learning in science.

How has using Science Techbook changed your opinion of your role as the teacher?

The Techbook is a great tool. I helps me to present information to students using technology which reaches them more effectively.

What tips do you have for beginning users?

Practice makes perfect and the more the use it, the more second nature it will become. Techbook has all the materials, tools and resources you need to put together great lessons that are meaningful and engaging for students.

What other tools, resources, strategies, etc. do you incorporate with Science Techbook?

I use Edmodo, Chromebooks and Smartboard technology in combination with Techbook. Edmodo is a web-based learning environment that students can access to complete assignments. I often use Techbook as a center which is set up on the Interwrite board where the students can access and practice interactive study activities.

How do you organize your classroom and planning to maximize your students’ learning experiences?

Students are seated in groups since a great deal of what I do revolves around group work. The Interwrite board is positioned in the front of the room for lessons and interactive rotation.

Take a look

See how Instructor Davis’ students are independently learning using Board Builder and the Science Techbook.

How do your students respond to the use of Science Techbook?  What do they like about it?

The students really like Techbook because it allows for instant hands-on exploration digitally. The activities are interactive and engaging for them because they can watch videos and manipulate the games and activities using  Board Builder.

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