The Best of the Community on Twitter

It’s an interesting time of the year, especially when it comes to the various names for it. First, there’s March Madness. The college basketball season just ended with the Villanova taking the title, most likely making Lance Rougeux very happy. There’s also Spring Break. It’s now over and everyone’s getting back in the swing of things and ready for the final countdown to the end of the school year. Let’s not forget about baseball’s Spring Training that recently ended, marking the start of baseball season. While this type of Spring Training has ended, the Discovery Education Community’s Spring Training is under way.

We all need a little workout every now and again to hone our skills and develop our practice, and that’s what Discovery Education’s Spring Training is all about. You’re invited to participate in this weekly challenge for the next five weeks, where you will be given a new instructional strategy to practice and discover ways to use Discovery Education to be an ace pitcher in the classroom. Learn more about DE’s Spring Training here.

Take a look at the tweets below shared by the Community over the last couple of weeks to see educators and students doing amazing things in the schools.



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