The TalentED Project: Driving College Access and Success

#TBT.   It’s your senior year of high school and you just got your first college acceptance letter. Remember how great that felt.  Now what did it take to get that letter?  Certainly hard work in your classes over the years, but what else?  Who helped you decide on a college?  Who helped make sure you submitted everything you needed and before the deadlines passed?

I, like perhaps many of you, was a first-generation college-goer. I was incredibly lucky to have a supportive family and come from a very small high school where our guidance counselor was able to devote a lot time to help me navigate the application process.  Not everyone has those resources to pull from. Even if you are not a first-generation college-goer, applying to college is still not an easy task.  In order to help with this process, we’ve launch The TalentED Project through a partnership by UBS, the Tennessee College Access and Success Network, and Discovery Education.

This innovative, technology platform free for all users, is designed to match lower-income, first-generation college-goers with top institutions that are a good fit for them. This relationship-based tool connects admissions recruiters with college access professionals in order to strengthen the recruitment pipeline of high-potential students.


  • Save time identifying 4-year colleges recognized for affordability and retention
  • Have your school searchable by colleges
  • Empower students to highlight their strengths through easy-to-use profiles and storyboards
  • Build professional networks with peers across the country


Who Should I Share This With?

Chances are that you know several educators that are involved in helping students with college access.  This could be the school counselor, a high school teacher, principal, district lead, etc.  The TalentED Project is really available to anyone that helps students navigate the college application process. We encourage you to share this with your colleagues.

Register and invite your students to create profiles today, to help them realize their potential and increase their chances for college attainment.



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