TOP 5 Reasons to Join the Magic of Madden Virtual Field Trip

TOP 5 Reasons to Join the Magic of Madden Virtual Field Trip

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EA TIBURON in Orlando, Florida is where the magic behind EA SPORTS “Madden NFL” is transformed from passion into practice, and from imagination into reality. We will be live from EA TIBURON studios this Thursday, April 14th @ 1PM ET.


  1. STEM: Learn about cool STEM careers like being an engineer, animator, designer or a producer

  2. SPORTS: Meet NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins from the Washington Redskins

  3. VIDEO GAMES: Go behind-the-scenes at EA Sports Studios to see where video game magic happens

  4. COOL CURRICULUM: Discover ways to use the digital game to learn math and science concepts 

  5. FUN: Connecting with classrooms around the world virtually is just plain fun!

 Quick Preview of the Virtual Field Trip

The Details

When?:   April 14th at 1pm ET

Where?:   Register Here

What do I need to Join?:   Make sure you register above. Then all you’ll need is a projector, computer, internet & speakers.

Ask the QB:   Submit your questions ahead of time for the chance to have them answered during the live broadcast.

Join the Discussion:   Join the live discussion or share classroom pictures on Twitter @DiscoveryEd with hashtag #MagicofMaddenVFT

Prep the Team:   Before the virtual field trip, head back to EA SPORTS Madden NFL: Football by the Numbers to explore our resources, including the educational interactive!