Designing Sports Safety Equipment STEM Lab

This week during Community STEM, our STEM Challenge involves choosing your favorite sport and designing or redesigning a piece of safety equipment. You must provide evidence of the need for such equipment, develop a prototype, and defend the costs involved. Develop an ad or commercial selling your product. You may work alone or with partners.

Some Examples:

  • Football: Helmet, padding, and cleats
  • Soccer: Shinguards, cleats, and mouth guards
  • Baseball/Softball: Helmet, gloves, padding, face mask, cleats, and bat
  • Hockey: Helmet, padding, face guard, stick, puck, and skates
  • Skating: skates
  • Gymnastics: balance beam, uneven bars, horse, chalk, and grips

We encourage you to share this project with others through social media. Reach out to the Wilson Football Factory, an amateur or professional athlete, or others involved in the sporting industry. Pitch your idea. Don’t be afraid to share what you know. The next great idea could be yours! If using social media tweet out to #communitystem and @discoveryed

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  • Engineer
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Coach
  • Sports Therapist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Recreation Worker

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