SOS: Let’s Roll

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Let’s Roll

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SOS Big IdeaFountas and Pinnell state “the reader constructs unique meaning through integrating background knowledge, emotions, attitudes, and expectations with the meaning the writer expresses.” In this strategy, after reading a selection, students will discuss the topic in a small group. This strategy will assist students in connecting what they have read to what they already know. By providing students the opportunity to discuss the selection with their peers, teachers help students form a deeper understanding of the text.

SOS StepsMaterials: media file (reading passage, video transcript, video segment, song, or audio file), cube with sentence starters
  1. Allow students to independently watch, read, or listen to your selected resource.
  2. Place students in small groups and explain that they will take turns rolling the cube to share what they’ve learned. Reinforce that they should use evidence from the resource to support their statements. Encourage students to ask questions about other students’ responses and be prepared to clarify their own responses.
  3. Allow time for each student to have an opportunity to roll the cube. During this time monitor classroom activity to formatively assess students’ understanding of the content. 
  4. Bring students together as a large group to address questions, learning, and misconceptions.


SOS Sum It UpAfter students read a selection independently, they work in groups to solidify their learning. Discussion and connections help confirm, deepen, and personalize their understanding. It also encourages students to relate reading to their prior knowledge.



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Allow students to create their own sentence starter cubes.


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