IWitness Video Challenge: Your #TBT Activity

Happy #TBT

Last week we looked at and broke down the 4 C’s of the IWitness Video Challenge. This week’s activity involves a close look at editing your story and the ethics of editing.

Over the next several Thursdays, we’ll highlight a #TBT Activity for your class and showcase previous winners.  Think of it as a jump start for positive change. Through the IWitness Video Challenge, students will find inspiration from the voices in IWitness to create positive change in their own community. More than $10,000 in prizing from Ford Motor Co. will be awarded to students, teachers and schools who submit winning video essays about their experience.

Who Can Participate?

Any student in 5th – 12th grades can take part in the IWitness Video Challenge. These #TBT Activities will be a perfect place to get you students started.

Today’s Challenge: Constructing Your Story

Coming Next Week

Next Thursday we are going to focus in on the submission and communicating parts of the IWitness Video Challenge.