What is a STEM Career? Explore with our upcoming STEMChat!


Jonathan Gerlach | National Consultant for STEM Education Initiatives

According to the United States Department of Labor, Sixty-five percent of today’s students will eventually be employed in jobs that have yet to be created. What does this mean for preparing them now? A huge focus as a nation has been on the top tier STEM Careers in which there are obvious signs of deficiencies, however these are not the only careers which use STEM skills. Many students are left out of STEM classes and tracks because they don’t fit the mold for the top tier career pathways. This is a huge problem as thirty-five percent of the job market deficit for future STEM jobs consist of sub-bachelor level career pathways.

We have a very daunting task ahead of us as educators as we have to educate students to solve problems that haven’t been seen yet. We need to start thinking about STEM careers very differently. Think about careers right now in 2016. How many don’t use critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, or communication? As educators we need to provide all our students the access to developing the skills needed for their future. In the future, most likely all students will have STEM Careers; so why not provide all of them the education they need for success?

Come join the discussion about the future of STEM Careers with the Discovery Education STEM Team on Wednesday, April 27th from 8-9pm on twitter with #DESTEMChat.



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