Spring Training Challenge: Share SOS

Whew! What a workout Discovery Education’s Spring Training has been:

  • You’ve tried four great instructional strategies brought to you by members of your Discovery Education Community.
  • You’ve explored great content in Discovery Education like Global News, images, audio, video, and virtual field trips.
  • You know how to access all of the strategies in the SOS series by logging in to Discovery Education and clicking Professional Development in the toolbar.

professional development

Want the complete set of 12 SOS templates created by NC STAR Discovery Educator, Dacia Jones? Get her Strategy Notebook here. Thanks, Dacia! 

This week, your challenge is to pass along what you’ve learned to others on your team. Go for a grand slam and gather a handful of colleagues you know who want to grow their practice too. Share your favorite SOS with them; show them how to find the rest on their own. Tell your colleagues about what you tried and learned.

To make it easy for you to share, we’ve created a few resources for you. SOS for the SOS has four different ideas for sharing SOS with your colleagues. Our favorite is the packet activity. Give it a try at an upcoming faculty meeting if you really want to hit one out of the park.

Once you’ve shared SOS with your colleagues, you’ve nearly completed Spring Training. You only need to submit your final training report. We’ll let you know soon which state/province won bragging rights and the lucky winners of nifty Discovery Education baseball caps.


Submit your Spring Training Report here.


Congrats on completing Discovery Education’s Spring Training!
If you are a STAR Discovery Educator or are interested in learning more about taking the next step with your Discovery Education Community take a few minutes to report your sharing activity by logging in to Discovery Education and going to Community (DEN) from MyDE.



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