IWitness Video Challenge: Your #TBT Activity

Happy #TBT

Last week we looked at constructing your story, focusing in on the video editor.  This week we are going to take a break from the weekly activities to hear from our IWitness Video Challenge Program Champion, Karen Wells.

Over the next several Thursdays, we’ll highlight a #TBT Activity for your class and showcase previous winners.  Think of it as a jump start for positive change. Through the IWitness Video Challenge, students will find inspiration from the voices in IWitness to create positive change in their own community. More than $10,000 in prizing from Ford Motor Co. will be awarded to students, teachers and schools who submit winning video essays about their experience.

Who Can Participate?

Any student in 5th – 12th grades can take part in the IWitness Video Challenge. These #TBT Activities will be a perfect place to get you students started.

Today’s Challenge: A Message from Program Champion, Karen Wells

Did you have plans to have your class participate in the IWitness Video Challenge, but school seems to have gotten in the way? I can relate!  At the end of the school year, my students find it hard to get motivated about anything but their upcoming summer break.  The spring sports season is in full swing with track meets and baseball and softball games; state and national testing has taken a front seat with students spending those last precious minutes of class time preparing for the test; prom committees, club state conventions, and academic conferences are all in full swing, and the list goes on.  Students are stressed and teachers are stressed.

When school gets so hectic, it helps to take a step back and regroup, and the “Here to Help” series from IWitness Video Challenge is providing that opportunity for us to regroup. This series of weekly tips will help you and your students get the most out of the 2016 IWitness Video Challenge. The initial segment from the “Here to Help” series is a “Get Started” worksheet which walks students through the first steps of identifying a community problem they would like to resolve and leads them through the thinking process involved in making a change in their community. Providing students with concise help in what often seems the most difficult step helps them realize how possible it is to become a change agent. This thinking process helped my students see the IWitness Video Challenge as a series of steps which are very doable, even at their busiest time of the year. Don’t let these last few stressful months of school keep you from providing your students with the opportunity to make a difference in their community. The “Here to Help” series can be the busy educator’s best friend!

Post on the behalf of, Karen Wells

Karen Wells

Karen Wells is a National Board Certified library media specialist and journalism/English teacher from the Midland Public School District in Arkansas. As a Discovery Educator Network(DEN) STAR and member of the Discovery Education Leadership Council, she has attended Discovery regional and national events and DEN Summer Institutes. In 2015 she was selected to participate in the Auschwitz: The Past is Present initiative with twenty-five educators from around the globe. Last May she represented these educators in the Auschwitz: Past is Present Virtual Experience “which enabled students to explore the rich history of Jewish life in Poland before the Holocaust, to visit authentic memorial sites, and to discuss the consequences of hatred and intolerance.” Most recently she was named a Discovery Education Program Champion whose focus is to inform educators worldwide about Discovery Education and the USC Shoah Foundation’s Auschwitz: The Past is Present initiative that provides resources to support the observance of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. As a library media specialist, she has received the Media Specialist of the Year award, the Herb Lawrence Leadership Service award, and the Outstanding Media Program of the Year award.

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