DEN Community Member of the Week: Beth Weeks

Beth is a Campus Technology Specialist at Sherman ISD, Texas. She has been using Discovery Education resources since 2005. She shared, “I have been using Discovery Ed since 2005! I love it! It has been a great place for me to find resources for my students that includes images, songs, and videos! My students use the images and videos in their own projects. Their favorite activity is logging onto the Science Elementary and trying out the virtual labs.”

How are you involved in education other than your official role as a K-12 educator?
I am a K-12 teacher that has been a part of the SISD technology team since 1996. I lead staff development during the year and summer. I have been chosen several years since 2002 to present at the technology conference in Austin called TCEA and at the Tots and Technology conference in Galveston during the summer.

When you’re not working where are we most likely to find you?FB_IMG_1454679588862

When I am not working I am enjoying time with family. We enjoy camping, playing with the dogs, swimming and shooting guns. Our family also leads worship together. My husband is a worship pastor and leads and plays keys,my son sings and plays bass, keys, drums or just about anything we ask him to play. I play the bass guitar and keyboard and sing. I have recently become GiGi to two precious babies! My son had a little girl in March 2015 and my daughter had a little boy in June 2015. Our world has changed!

What is your most memorable experience with the DEN?
When I first started with using Discovery Education I was invited to the AIF workshop in Dallas. This is where I met many of the Discovery Educators that I call friends in the DEN today! We had a great day learning how to create a film called “The Door”.

What is one of your favorite ways to use Discovery Education?
I love to use Discovery Science with my students. I have them login and explore through some fun-damental lessons to answer questions and learn more about the subject we are on. Then students take that knowledge and apply it to the virtual labs. It is awesome to watch students try over and over with a virtual lab to see how changing the parts of the experiments will change the outcome. I think this activity allows students to try and fail and try again and learn from their experiences.

Why did you become a teacher?
I became a teacher because I love to share with others the exciting things that I learn! I was first a youth/children director for a church in my home town. I had so much fun creating lessons and taking students out on field trips that I decided to make this my career choice in college. Through the years as I created new lessons or found new activities to use with my students I learned that I really liked to share with teacher friends. I began presenting at TCEA, Discovery Events, Region X and Edison school events. I became a part of the technology team at Sherman ISD and love leading staff development in the summer.

cowboy gameWhat’s something new that you’ve recently learned?
I have really started learning how to use into the schools that I serve. We participated in the hour of code this year for the first time and hope to expand what we are doing by learning to code BB-8, Ollie and Sphero ball or Ozobot robots! I have also started using snapcircuits and little bits with my students.  I am excited to add these new activities to things the students experience with technology!

What brings you joy?
What brings me joy is holding my grandbabies and spending time with my family! My husband and I love to spend time together camping, walking trails, shooting guns, leading worship or just about anything together.
I also love to see students or teachers when they learn something new. Nothing better than seeing that Aha moment come across the face of a learner when you have shared something with them!

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