Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Calgary Edition

The #DEignite tour continues to be an overwhelming success. This time, we were in Calgary, a new city for us. With a very short turn around, we managed to “corral” (see what I did there) over 70 educators out on a Thursday night. More amazing was finding 8 courageous folks willing to prepare a talk in very short order. All 8 killed it. Stories about identity, space, leadership, creativity and grit addressed the big question about “what makes you curious?”

If you’ve attended a #DEignite event, you’ll understand much of what I share here. If not, read through some of these tweets, look at the images to try and get a sense of the event. If you’re interested in co-hosting or having an event like this come to your part of the world, leave a comment, we’ll be in touch.




  1. Rita A. Mortenson said:

    Dean this event looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for inspiring so many educators to share their passion. Would love to have you in the Wisconsin area! What are your next stops? I would love our staff to participate. #inspired

    • Dean Shareski said:

      Hey Rita,
      In Canada, we have one scheduled for Halifax in June. Not sure if anything is slated for fall. I’d contact Jason Barnes or Josh Truman about possibly hosting something in Wisconsin. I’m happy to support if I can. They are truly great community events.

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