3 Webinars this Spring Could Supercharge Your Math Instruction

Our math webinar series from May-June is brimming with expertise on how to get instruction back on track.

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Being the Director of Mathematics at Discovery Education has its perks. Sure, it’s nice meeting the stars of the Puppy Bowl and receiving free Deadliest Catch bumper stickers, but my favorite perk is interacting with some of the best math educators in the country. Together, we develop materials that help students learn mathematics — that’s just awesome.

Through external experts and the members of our Discovery Education math team, I learn a lot about teaching from a lot of great people. My job is amazing, because every day I learn something new and become a better teacher. Luckily, many of these amazing folks are willing to share their knowledge with a larger audience.

This spring, the Discovery Education Webinar Series will feature three prominent, accomplished, and passionate educators. I’m proud to announce that Jon Wray, Sia Robinson, and LaShone Singleton will be joining me to discuss the following topics:

May 23 — 5 Powerful Techniques for Secondary Math Formative Assessment

If you didn’t get to see former NCTM Board Member Jon Wray at the NCTM Annual Meeting, not to worry. On May 23, Jon will be sharing some classroom-based formative assessment strategies in a 45-minute webinar. Join to learn five simple, effective strategies for ensuring all students are on track for success in math class.

June 1 — Using Mathematical Games and Technology

Games aren’t just for leisure time anymore. During Sia Robinson’s two decades in Detroit Public Schools and two years as lead developer for Math Techbook Grade 8, she looked for opportunities to engage middle school students in mathematics. On June 1, Sia will share techniques for effectively engaging students in purposeful mathematical play during the 30-minute webinar “Gaming in the Mathematics Classroom.” We’ll consider the research, examine games that have real educational value, and maybe even have fun playing a few games ourselves.

June 7 — Classroom Management and Lesson Design

Students don’t enter the world hating mathematics; it’s a learned reaction. And sometimes, it’s our inadvertent actions that cause this response. As a math instructional coach in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, LaShone Singleton has created curriculum materials and classroom environments that foster student success. In the webinar “Effective Strategies for Fostering Student Success,” on June 7, LaShone will guide listeners through techniques for preventing learned helplessness and promoting student achievement.

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