Highlighting Union Public Schools in Oklahoma

Discovery Education would like to celebrate the students and teachers of Union Public Schools in Oklahoma. As we close out the school year Union teachers instructed their students to utilize Science Techbook and Board Builder to create a Board that demonstrated their learning during the last unit of the year.


Discovery Education Board Builder is a tool that allows students to synthesize
and showcase their work, and share with select groups and communities. With Board Builder students become the creator. To get started with board login to you your accounts and click HERE.

Educator Debbie Reeves classroom learned about different types of animals. Her students created these incredibly detailed Boards about Sea Turtles, Reptiles, and Invertebrates. Check out the students work below! Click on each link to view the students Board. You must login into your Discovery Education account to view the Board.

4th grader Sugamaya Dommata – Sea Turtles

4th grader Ishmael Guerrero –  What Are Reptiles?

4th grader Tanner Jarvis – Invertebrates

Educator Kristyne Salley taught her students about Atoms and Matter. Utilizing Science Techbook resources and Board Builder, her students created these unique and informative Boards to share their learning with their peers.

5th grader Naba Durani – Finding Out Atoms

5th grader Housten Braden – Atoms and Matter

Once again, thank you to the amazing educators and students over at Union Public Schools.

You are all Discovery Education Rock Stars!