2016 DENny Awards: Expertise category

We know amazing things are happening in the classrooms and schools of Discovery Educators every day. In this annual celebration, we take some time to officially honor goodness within the Discovery Education Community.

This year we received hundreds of nominations, and we are pleased to recognize Community members in a variety of categories today, including Expertise which honors Community members identified frequently as the “go-to” for knowledge and skills.



DENny Award recipients in the Expertise category are:

  • Seth Gearren, Wake County, NC.  Seth truly deserves a DENny for all of his passion in the classroom.  He works hard to spread the DEN love to everyone and is an inspiration to the students in his classroom.  This is Seth’s first DENny Award.
  • Patti Harju, Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI.  Patti is a strong advocate for Discovery Education in our local community.  She deserves recognition for her efforts to make teaching and learning more engaging and relevant.  She has become the ‘go-to’ person for DEN members to learn more about new movements such as Breakout Edu.  This is Patti’s first DENny Award.
  • Michele Hutson, Santa Rosa, FL. Michele and her students love Board Builder, and she shares her expertise with colleagues from all over the district. Her constant enthusiasm and delightful expertise in being a Board Builder teach-the-teacher ambassador make her absolutely, positively DENny-worthy. This is Michele’s first DENny Award.
  • Dottie Smay, Shorecrest School, FL. Dottie’s imagination, great presentation skills, and love of play makes her a great example of the Creative Den Spirit. Her willingness to collaborate and share what she knows about Maker Spaces and how Discovery Education fits in with the Maker Space also is a great example of what STAR Discovery Educators do the best, they share, they teach, and they collaborate all for the love of learning. This is Dottie’s first DENny Award.
  • Harvey Chambers, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD. BCPS has been recognized nationally as a district using Discovery Education to transform teaching and learning, and a great deal of credit for that can be attributed to leaders like Harvey.  He has transformed professional development for his staff through creative strategies like unconferences, virtual PD, and even the use of 360 degree videos.  He is a lifelong learner and models the same qualities he hopes to inspire in his staff.   This is Harvey’s first DENny Award.

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