2016 DENny Awards: Involvement category

We know amazing things are happening in the classrooms and schools of Discovery Educators every day. In this annual celebration, we take some time to officially honor goodness within the Discovery Education Community.

This year we received hundreds of nominations, and we are pleased to recognize Community members in a variety of categories today, including Involvement, which honors Community members who are actively engaged.


DENny Award recipients in the Involvement category are:

  • Susan Bowdoin, Albuquerque Public Schools, NM. Susan goes above and beyond at everything she does, whether it’s offering encouragement through the Blue Crew or Gliding with the community.  Her passion for sharing SOS strategies is contagious and she never stops promoting why DE is essential to the district, students and teachers.  She is a perfect example of what the DEN is all about.  This is Susan’s 3rd DENny award (2014, 2012)
  • Amy Dent, Lexington School District, SC.  Amy was an incredible host for the Day of Discovery Columbia event.  Even when she couldn’t attend the Spring VirtCon Viewing Party, she still showed up early to help setup a breakout session.  She is a constant advocate for Discovery Education amongst the teachers and district leadership.  This is Amy’s 2nd DENny award (2011)
  • Lindsay Foster, Lake Worth, TX. Lindsay is famous for her daily DENspiration posts.  But not only does she share inspiring moments, she lives up to them herself.  She is always there to support or help inspire community members when they need it.  Her dedication, persistence, and tenacity exemplify what it means to be a leader in the Discovery Education community.  This is Lindsay’s second DENny award (2015)
  • Peggy George, Phoenix, AZ.  Peggy George does more than just participate in the Community, she leads by example.  She has hosted countless VirtCon Viewing parties and is voracious in sharing through social media.  She is proud to be a STAR and makes sure that the world knows it.  This is Peggy’s first DENny award
  • Terra-Lee Gratton, St. Paul School District, Alberta, Canada.  Since Terra Lee joined the DEN, she has been participating at full speed.  She is eager to share and has presented at numerous Discovery events, both in Canada and in the United States.  She is eager to learn, the first to volunteer to participate, and demonstrations a passion for Discovery Education that is both inspiring and infectious.  This is Terra Lee’s second DENny Award (2014)
  • Barb Grindle, Jeffco Public Schools, CO.  Barb has been an active user of Discovery Education since the unitedstreaming days, and even 10 years ago so the potential impact it could have on teaching and learning.  Today, she maximizes her school’s BYOD program by engaging her students with Science Techbook both in the classroom and at home.  Barb is one of the most active members of the DEN Friends Facebook group and a true leader within the community.   This is Barb’s first DENny Award
  • Dana Johnston, Orange Unified School District, CA.  Dan’s huge heart and welcoming spirit provide just the right of amount of DENthusiasm to lead newcomers into the community.  As a member of the Blue Crew and a promoter of Discovery Education, she encourages everyone she encounters to find some way to get involved and participate.  This is Dana’s first DENny Award
  • Melissa Lander Matthews, School District of Palm Beach County, FL. When community members need help, Melissa has gone above and beyond the call of duty to share her wisdom and expertise.  She constantly finds ways to promote the community in Palm Beach, hosting a variety of events and evangelizing both Discovery Education and the DEN.  This is Melissa’s second DENny Award. (2014)
  • Keri Parr, Fort Bend ISD, TX.  Keri has done a masterful job of embracing Discovery Education and infusing it within the Spanish curriculum.  After using Board Builder to create travel brochures, her students have been chomping at the bit to find more projects to create with it.   Keri welcomes new challenges with open arms, and is eager to continue finding new ways to use Discovery Education in her classroom. This is Keri’s first DENny Award.
  • Jessica Stricker, Collier County Public Schools, FL.  You can walk into Jessica’s classroom on any given day and you will see evidence of her love of Discovery Education.  She is the first to try new SOS strategies and has been the “fishbowl” teacher for other teachers to come and observe.  She loves to share her expertise and is doing amazing things with her students.  This is Jessica’s first DENny Award.
  • Cecilia Wilburn-Davis, Dorchester Two Schools, SC. Cecilia is quick to try new things and integrate new things she learns about using DE within her classroom. She’s been active in the DEN Ambassador program, and she shares what she has learned with others. She is an asset to the Discovery Education Community. This is Cecilia’s first DENny Award.
  • Stephen Williams, Rome City Schools, GA.  Stephen is both a leader and a learner.  In addition to participating in DENapalooza and Dinner with DE, he arranged for Discovery Education to come work directly with his district.  He takes what he learns and actively seeks to share those resources with others.  This is Stephen’s first DENny Award.


RJ banner

Founding member of the Discovery Education Community, RJ Stangherlin was such a prolific blogger before her retirement, we couldn’t help but name the DENny Award for excellence in blogging the RJ Stangherlin to honor her. This award honors a person who has committed to sharing via the Discovery Education blog and contributes great quality content regularly.

We are pleased to honor Chad Lehman, Oconomowoc Area School District, WI with the 2016 RJ Stangherlin Award for excellence in blogging for his series The Best of the Community on Twitter. This is Chad’s third DENny Award and second for blogging. He was honored in 2011 and 2015. Congratulations, Chad.


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