2016 DENny Awards: Rising STAR category

We know amazing things are happening in the classrooms and schools of Discovery Educators every day. In this annual celebration, we take some time to officially honor goodness within the Discovery Education Community.

This year we received hundreds of nominations, and we are pleased to recognize Community members in a variety of categories, including Rising STAR.  This category honors new STAR Discovery Educators who are extremely passionate about Discovery Education and sharing.


DENny Award recipients in the Rising STAR category are:

  • Mark Brady, Schuyer Community Schools, NE. Mark has taken an interactive tool, Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook, and used it to bring the world to his students. Due to his visionary practices, students grow as lifelong learners in his classroom. He also has a positive effect on the adults in his presence, making them grasp on to what Discovery Education has to offer. This is Mark’s first DENny Award.
  • Janelle Holland, Gull Lake Community Schools, MI. Janelle is always willing to try new things. She is passionate about education and pushing her students to do the best they can do. This year Janelle has embraced Discovery Ed in many ways. She is using assignments to teach her 2nd graders, assigning Board Builder to demonstrate their knowledge and spreading the love of Discovery Education in her school. Her students greatly benefit from her eagerness to explore. This is Janelle’s first DENny Award.
  • Brian Kelly, Chicago Public Schools, IL. Brian uses Discovery Education to engage his students in learning. He conducted a workshop about Discovery Education earlier this year which in turn influenced others to decide to begin using it in their classrooms. This is Brian’s first DENny Award.
  • Sean Murphy, Chicago Public Schools, IL.  Sean uses Discovery Education to help students explore and learn about history.  In particular, he is able to use media to help demonstrate difficult concepts for students with IEP’s.  This is Sean’s first DENny Award.
  • Shelley Mann, Santa Rosa, FL. Shelley’s enthusiasm for Discovery Education is absolutely genuine and heartfelt.  During Ambassador training, she has been a constant source of encouragement, suggestions, and fun!  She does an amazing job presenting how to use Discovery Education materials in the classroom through simple strategies.  This is Shelley’s first DENny Award.
  • Ashley Greenway, Rome City Schools, GA.  Ashley actively shares with others how she uses Discovery Education in the classroom.  Her implementation of resources and strategies within Discovery’s platform has encouraged others to strengthen their own knowledge.  Teachers are now not simply showing videos, but using SOS, building Boards and integrating media into their lessons.  Through strengthening her own knowledge of resources from Discovery Education, she has become an invaluable resource herself.   This is Ashley’s first DENny Award.


Keep shining.


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