2016 DENny Awards: Spirit of the DEN

We know amazing things are happening in the classrooms and schools of Discovery Educators every day. In this annual celebration, we take some time to officially honor goodness within the Discovery Education Community.

This year we received hundreds of nominations, and we are pleased to recognize Discovery Educators in a variety of categories, including Rising STAR, Involvement, Expertise, Innovation, Excellence in Blogging (The RJ Stangherlin Award), and Leadership. We also like to take a little extra time to acknowledge an individual or group of individuals we believe embodies/embody the spirit of the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). Previous honorees like Sheila Fredericks (2014) and Martha Rougeux (2015) were recognized for opening their classrooms for others to see and learn about what DE in action looks like and for their general spirit of sharing.

This year, we are honored to recognize Rodney Crouse, Guilford County Schools, NC with the Spirit of the DEN award. Meet Rodney.

Rodney Crouse from Discovery Education on Vimeo.

Here’s what some of the folks who nominated Rodney for a DENny Award this year had to say about him:

Rodney is an enthusiastic educator that goes above and beyond to promote DE in his school, at Days of Discovery, and online. He participates whenever he is available and shares with everyone he meets. Everyone that meets Rodney learns not only that he is a great teacher to his students but that he inspires them to be more for their students as well. Rodney is very deserving of a DENny Award because of this and much more.

He is so enthusiastic that it can’t help but spill over to his peers and his students. He is a voracious learner and is continually striving to make a difference in the lives of “his kids.”

Rodney is an amazing educator who is passionate about EVERYTHING in education. He has connected with so many members of this Community and is an inspiration daily!

The mission of Discovery Education is to transform teaching and learning. Through his connections within the Discovery Education Community and the things he has learned by being part of a professional learning community of practice, Rodney’s teaching has been transformed. He’s inspired to try new things and strategies to engage students. He was named Vandalia Elementary Teacher of the Year and is presently a semi-finalist for Guilford County Teacher of the Year. (He has our vote!)

Not only has teaching been transformed thanks to Rodney’s involvement in your Discovery Education Community, learning has been transformed in his classroom. One of his students was so inspired by the #CelebratewithDE Invent A Holiday collaborative project Rodney and his students participated in this school year, she invented a holiday. Last week, she and other community members celebrated Thanksgiving 2.0 by feeding a meal to people in their community who are homeless. Over 70 volunteers served 300 people who were hungry 120 lbs of bananas, 12 lbs mac-n-cheese, 80 lbs of ham, and over 200 bags filled with crackers, peanut butter, Gatorade, and more. #BecauseoftheDEN 300 people were literally fed last week!

Rodney exemplifies what it means to #BeDiscovery. We are grateful to acknowledge him as this year’s recipient of the Spirit of the DEN award.

Keep shining!




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