New Product Updates Have us Jumping for Joy

We are jumping for joy!  And so are educators and students around the world.  Why, you ask?  Because we have spent this year listening and building, talking to our partners and acting on what they shared.  So brace yourself, put on your best sneakers, and get ready to jump with us into a summer full of learning that will make the next school year even more awesome than before.

Throughout the summer, new content, tools, and functionality will be released to to all Discovery Education products. These new features work together to drive deeper student engagement and increase the accessibility and awesomeness of our resources. You can explore all the great updates here.

Badiner Boys Jump.jpgFor all Discovery Education Community members…

Professional Learning Center
The new Professional Learning center integrates the current Teacher Center and Professional Development sections. This unified space will centralize resources and provide support for all users, whether getting started, looking for new integration strategies, participating in events, or connecting with the Discovery Education Community.

Collaborative Projects
Through a partnership with GlobalLab, teachers and their students will have the opportunity to engage in a rich variety of collaborative projects starting this fall.

Upgraded Search Engine
An upgraded search engine provides users more accurate and relevant results than ever before.

debFor all of our awesome Techbook community members…

Student Notebook
Based on partner feedback, a new student notebook is being released into all Techbooks. Designed to aid in revision and reflection, this notebook will help students organize their thoughts around a concept or unit.

Dave T JumpingFor our inquisitive, curious, and STEMtastic Science Techbook community members…

Science Techbook Updates
In the biggest update to Science Techbook since its launch, changes include both design and instructional content improvements. Enhancements are guided by student and educator recommendations and include phenomena-driven questions, Technology Enhanced Items embedded throughout concepts, and integrated STEM learning experiences that provide powerful opportunities for critical thinking and exploration.

maritaFor our thoughtful, reflective and incredible Social Studies Techbook community members…

New Civics and Government Course
Currently available in Beta, this new course provides rich, in-depth learning experiences in government, civic life, and the economy of the United States. Students explore the rights, roles, and responsibilities of U.S. citizens and learn about the structure and processes of the U.S. government and economy.

ritaFor our number-crunching, data-loving Math Techbook community members…

Assessment Builder
With a library of over 8,000 pre-built questions, the Assessment Builder enables teachers to create their own assessments and assign to students.

Check for Understanding
Check for Understanding” questions are now available in all Math Techbook units.

Unit Assessment Print Functionality
All unit assessments can now be printed.

For our digital media-using Discovery Education Streaming and Streaming Plus community members…

New Content Collections
Based on the popularity of existing Content Collections, Discovery Education Streaming will add 120 new collections of expertly compiled videos, images, articles, and primary source material centered around topics included in core curriculum.

Learn more about these exciting updates that have us jumping for joy by visiting us here.