The Best of the Community on Twitter

I’ve had a blast sharing what the Community has been doing in their schools and classrooms via the posts in this blog series and I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts as well. I was very surprised when learned that I received a DENny Award, more specifically, the RJ Stangherlin Award for Excellence in Blogging, for my work with this series. Obviously, there is no way this blog series could exist with the Community sharing what they’re doing so I thank everyone for tweeting out awesome pictures and videos of Discovery Education in action.

This will be the last post in the series for the school year. I’m thinking there might be a special ISTE Edition at the end of the month and probably a DENSI Edition as well. With that being said, enjoy the tweets below and connect with these educators if you haven’t already.



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  1. Street Fighter 5 said:

    I personally think The Discovery channel is invaluable in educations today, we really need more channels like this to educate children in the ways of the world and technology.

  2. Paul Bailey said:

    The discovery channel is one of the reasons I subscribe to tv and the website. I also find it very educational and informative.

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