Discovery Education in Action: Cody Strong

CoryStrongName: Cody Strong

Role: Social Studies Teacher at Rock Hill High School

School: Rock Hill High School

District: Rock Hill Schools, York County District 3, South Carolina

Subjects/Grades Taught:9th grade World Geography

Background: I have been teaching since January of 2008.  I have been in the Rock Hill School District the entire time.


How did you find yourself in teaching?

I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  I knew that I liked structure an educational setting provides and I love learning so I wanted to try and pass that on to my students.


Watch Mr. Strong teach a Social Studies Techbook mini-lesson to introduce students to a new unit of study on Southeast Asia in his 9th grade World Geography & Cultures class. Students explore the Techbook Atlas to build background knowledge on the new region (Unit 3, Chapter 10, Concept 10.1 Geography of Southeast Asia, Engage activity).

What is your favorite thing about World Geography Techbook?

I like the content that is provided.  There is such a wide array of resources that it makes my job much easier and provides a great way to increase engagement in my students.


How has using World Geography Techbook changed your opinion of your role as the teacher?

I feel like I am almost more of a facilitator.  I give them the objective but the learning is almost up to them.  I am still involved in teaching them, but my time spent in direct instruction has dramatically decreased.


What tips do you have for beginning users?

Experiment with all of the different features.  Look at all of the sample lesson plans and see if they will work for you.  If they don’t, be willing to build your own lessons and assessments with what the Techbook provides.


What other tools, resources, strategies, etc. do you incorporate with World Geography Techbook?

Honestly, not a lot.  I do some direct instruction as an introduction and some informal assessments during instruction but I usually stick with what the Techbook provides.


How do you organize your classroom and planning to maximize your students’ learning experiences?

I try to stay with our district’s curriculum map as far as time spent on each region goes.  Because we are a 1-to-1 school district, each of my students have direct access to the Techbook while at school.  They are able to look at the various resources that are available in each unit and region and use what works best for them.  Some of my students really like the maps and some like the charts.  Others do better with videos.  Either way, they are almost able to customize their learning based on their preferences.


How do your students respond to the use of World Geography Techbook? What do they like about it?

They like it much better than what we have used in the past.  The fact that it is so interactive is what appeals to them the most.


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