Summer is Here: Let the STEM Fun Begin!

By Jonathan Gerlach, Discovery Education’s National Consultant for STEM Education Initiatives

One of the most important parts of STEM teaching and learning is students having the opportunity to see how the world works outside the classroom bringing content to life in context.

We stress the importance of integrating the idea of “real-world” into learning. However we need to shift our thinking to focus on not only our real world, but helping students connect content to their real world. One of the greatest opportunities for re-examining and integrating our student’s real world is during the summer.

As educators, the summer is non-threatening. Teaching and learning isn’t judged by scores, but instead by engagement, interest, and smiles.

Capitalize on Summer Energy with a STEM Camp

A great way to bring STEM to life during the summer weeks and engage students in hands-on/minds-on inquiry activities is by developing an exciting, summer camp-style atmosphere.

Discovery Education STEM Camp wraps STEM content focused on solving the problems of our future, the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering, with fun outdoor challenges while building STEM skills. Students develop their own solutions while building understanding through interactions (virtual and live) with experts.

STEM Camp not only helps students build the skills needed for the future, it allows teachers to try new strategies which will be needed to prepare students in the classrooms of the future.

A Worldwide Summer Adventure

How many educators and parents would love the opportunity to take their students all over the world to develop the experiences that can potentially help them become the global learners needed for the future?

Through Discovery Education Worldwide Summer Adventure, students will be challenged to explore the world through virtual experiences which will take them to places such as the Tower of London, swimming with sharks, and investigating museums all over the world. Examining how industry, history, and careers throughout the world utilize STEM skills in the context of life will provide students a portal to learning to which they rarely have the opportunity or access.

Football by the Numbers

When the day is at its hottest this summer, many students migrate inside to play video games. EA Sports Madden NFL and Discovery Education have teamed up to use football to engage students in STEM content and careers in video game production. By engaging students through their passions, Football by the Numbers helps students see all the knowledge needed to be successful in sports or computer careers.

Join Discovery Education STEM experts and colleagues from across the globe on June 29 from 8-9 p.m. EST for a Twitter chat at #DESTEMChat to discuss the why and the how of STEM in the Summer!


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