Fun Fact Friday: Pig Island

Photo: CDorobek

Did you know that there is an island in the Bahamas that is populated almost entirely by pigs? It’s true!

Pig Island, also known as Pig Beach, is home to a small community of feral pigs. These free roaming pigs are not opposed to taking dips in the ocean, and seem to enjoy swimming, so they may possibly be the cleanest feral pigs on the planet!

No-one is entirely sure how they got there, but there are a few theories. One legend is that sailors dropped a few pigs off on the island, with the intention of coming back for them, but never returned. Another story is that the pigs were survivors of a shipwreck, and swam to shore. The pigs are thought to have initially survived on excess food that was dumped by passing ships, and currently they are fed by tourists and locals from surrounding islands.

While the island is uninhabited by humans, it seems that the pigs also have a few stray cats and goats for company, and apparently they’re happy to welcome food-bearing tourists as guests!

Next time you’re in the Bahamas, you may want to consider taking a boat ride to Pig Island! Want to learn more? Check out the pigs’ official home page!


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