DENSI 2016 Day 2 – Sessions begin!

This post was written by Diane Lefebvre.

The day kicked off with a bang as everyone gathered in the great room where an enormous dance line erupted around the tables lead by none other than the joyful Rita Mortensen to the tune of “I’ve Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. What a fantastic way to get people up off their feet and generate excitement for the day that was ahead! To get us going, Dean Shareski inspired us all by sharing how he considers himself to be an Ambassador of Joy and how all of us here at DENSI are part of that movement to also become Ambassadors of Joy.

Today was the first official day of the sessions lead by LC and DE members. Cuneo Hall was  abuzz with topics ranging from DE & Google Classroom, VR Experiences, and STEM Learning and Integration! During breaks and lunch there were some fantastic feedback from veterans and “newbies”.

“I never knew that the Google Classroom sharing option was even available! This is the most exciting thing that I found out today and this just made my life easier!”

“Yak-it is my favorite take away. Think my students would love it because they can use their actual voices.” (Sean from IL)

“In the computing science session with Lionel, the resources that he directed us to…I knew immediately that I would go back and use it.” (Christopher from the UK)

“You actually get to experience it, it’s not a lot of sit and get. It’s so interactive.” – Laudan from ID

“All of the sessions were phenomenal. Lionel did a wonderful job of exposing me to coding!” – Rita from WI

The evening ended with the highly anticipated DENmazing race and for the new crew to DENSI, the event did not disappoint! So many teams dressed up geared to go from the Chrome Killers in their coordinated socks, the 4Corners with matching shirts, and the clever slogans on shirts like “Bring It on Beaches!” Challenges were tough but the teams persevered despite the fears of being covered in raw egg (#eggsmash!).
DENSI continues to impress and fill our lives with inspiration and a true sense of community! Joy is clearly the theme and the emotion flowing around!