Ignite Your Passion is Back for 2016-2017

It’s back! If you don’t know what “it” is, check out our past Ignite event summaries. But if you don’t know and you’re too lazy to click that link, let me summarize. Ignite events are informal networking events usually hosted at a local watering hole featuring 8-10 five minute ignite style talks but community members.  The talks are always outstanding but so is the opportunity for everyone to connect with old and new friends. Everyone leaves inspired, challenged and reenergized. The variety and diversity of the voices is in part what makes it a unique event.

This year we are using the theme “I used to ______ but now I ________” : Stories of Transformation. Our first event will be held in Vancouver, BC on October 6th.

We’re building our lineup of speakers but thus far here are some of the talks:

Vincent Andrisani “I used to listen to music…..”
Johnny Bevacqua
 “I used to like email….”
Chris Kennedy  
“I used to blame parents….
Claire Krueger  “I used to think in straight lines….”
Dean Shareski “I used to hate data….”

You’ll have to sign up to find out how these prompts transform. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this event. We haven’t fully developed our schedule for other locations but will certainly keep you posted and updated by our various social channels as well as our events calendar.


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