See Why Joan Loves Techbook

Meet Joan and James. They’re both teachers who love their jobs and work hard.  Only, Joan’s students seem to get more out of their class time. What’s different between how these two teachers spend their time?

This new video from Discovery Education introduces viewers to two teacher personalities — one experienced with Techbook, and one who has never heard of it. While Joan and James may not be real, they represent real teachers facing real classroom problems.

Learn how Techbook saves teachers time, keeps them updated on student progress, differentiates assignments more easily, and gets students excited about exploring new material in class each day. Techbook is built for inquiry-based learning, uses real-world problems, and helps students collaborate and communicate with each other. With Techbook, students don’t just fill in answers — they actually create content, helping develop skills we all want students to have.

Look for more videos about Joan and James in the coming weeks!

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