2016 Day of Discovery in Boise, ID

On Saturday, September 24, over 20 educators from  Boise, Idaho  & across North America participated in the Boise Day of Discovery. The day was filled with learning, sharing and connecting among educators at the beautiful Idaho State Capitol Building. A special thank you our host, Erin Downey and Boise School District.

Sessions included


Spotlight on Strategies, Terra-Lee Gratton

Drag and Drop into the new Google Sites, Carla Haaven

DE Hidden Treasures to Support English Learners, Ania Figueroa

Discovering the Keys to Student Engagement, Elaine Plybon

Amazing Race, Monte Gaukler

Discovery Education & Google Apps for Education, Marita Diffenbaugh

Hacking Learning through Imagery, Laudan Kirk

Break out of your Routine with Breakout EDU, Erin Downey

Planning for Project Based Learning & STEM in an Early Elementary Classroom, Kim Miller

Tools for Empowering Educators and Students, Karen Wells & Terra Lee Gratton

Find more details about the day at http://tinyurl.com/BoiseDOD



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