#CelebratewithDE – World Space Week

World Space Week, celebrated October 4 – 10, 2016, is an annual international celebration of science and technology. Explore these Discovery Education Streaming and Science Techbook resources and introduce your students to the wonder of space exploration.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Generation Beyond Virtual Field Trip, live from Lockheed Martin Space Operations Simulation Center on Tuesday, October 4, to learn more about deep space exploration and seeking answers to some of the universe’s biggest questions.

Featured Resources

Virtual Field Trip to NASA's Space Flight CenterA Tour Inside NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (CND Subscribers)

On-Demand Virtual Experience, All Grades

Take your students on a tour of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and see the space exploration technologies they are developing, including the James Webb Telescope, and find out the skills needed to have a career working in space exploration.


Space Content CollectionSpace Content Collection

Content Collection, All Grades 

Expand your perspective from Earth, to the solar system, and to the edges of space. Exploration is part of being human, exploring space is the next frontier of our time. Featuring resources selected and created by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, this content collection offers lesson starters, video clips, songs, and more.


75k_balloon$75,000 Balloon Ride to Lift Passengers 30 Kilometers into Space (CND Subscribers)
Full Video, Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

For $75,000, space tourism company World View will launch passengers 30 km (over 18 miles) into space by air balloon for a two-hour view of the earth’s curve. Although the balloon will attain more than twice the altitude reached by conventional airplanes, passengers will not experience weightlessness in the stratosphere. Use this video as a starter for a discussion around whether students think space travel will only be accessible to civilians who can afford it.


Scott Kelly Returns to Earth (CND Subscribers)Scott Kelly Returns to Earth

Video Segment, All Grades

American astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth this March after spending nearly one year aboard the International Space Station. His mission included many scientific experiments to see the effect of prolonged weightlessness on the human body. After watching the video, have students research these experiments and any results that have been published.



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  1. Denise Caposey said:

    Thank you for the great VFT with Lockheed Martin in Colorado. That was awesome! Here’s a photo of my First Grade Martians who joined the Earthlings in Mrs. Tholes’ Fifth Grade class for the field trip. We came in peace and left enlightened.

    I have some photos for you. How can I send them?

    Ms. Caposey
    First Grade Teacher
    Skagway School
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