Education Station Farm-to-Table Virtual Field Trip

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What’s your carbon footprint? Join classrooms all over the country as they calculate their carbon footprint and propose solutions to help offset their carbon footprint.  The first 25 classes to submit their ideas will receive a resource pack to do the hands-on activity featured in the live Virtual Field Trip.

We encourage you to join us on October 13th at 1PM EDT for a virtual tour of Hertzfeld Poultry Farm, where we’ll discover what farmers are doing to reduce their ecological footprint.


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View this VFT SNEAK PEEK about sustainability on the farm and complete the pre-event classroom activity for your chance to receive a VFT resource pack!  The resource pack will enable your class to complete the hands-on VFT activity along with us during the live event!

Head to Education Station now to download the activity, submit your class’s response, and register for the live event!


Pre-Event Classroom Activities

Prior to joining the virtual field, try out these additional classroom activities.

Do your students have additional questions? Great, share them with us here.


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  1. Think Through Math said:

    It’s more important than ever to introduce children to sustainability. Calculating your carbon footprint is also a great exercise for students and inspires them to be more mindful of their environmental impact. Thanks for sharing!

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