#CelebratewithDE – Hispanic Heritage Month

Continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Discovery Education resources and strategies. This collection highlights cultural traditions that are often practiced to celebrate the month.

Featured Resources

hispanic-culture-vol-1Hispanic Culture: Volume 01

Full Video, Grades K-12

Introduces students to various aspects of Hispanic culture and traditions, including animals, food, greetings, clothing, celebrations, music, and more.


a-history-of-hispanic-achievementA History of Hispanic Achievement in America: Emergence of a Unique Hispanic Culture

Full Video, Grades 6-12

Communicates the work of famous Hispanic leaders Richie Valens, Emilio Azcarrago, William Carlos Williams, Joan Baez, and Cesar Chavez.



Lets students experience the longstanding tradition of Mariachi music. Mariachi, for grades K-5, offers a brief overview of the genre and Mariachi Music, for grades 6-12, delves deeply into the audition process for a popular Mariachi band in Mexico city.


cocina-espanolaCocina Espanola in Spanish and English

Video Segment, Grades 6-12

Informs viewers about traditional cocina Española (Spanish cuisine) in both Spanish and English, and goes into detail about jamon serrano, paella, Spanish tortilla, and tapas.


SOS+CircleCircle of Viewpoints

Encourage students to consider the video about Mariachi music from multiple perspectives. Have students identify the various viewpoints represented in the video (Jesus, the audience, the band leader, etc.) and talk or write from one of those perspectives. Students may answer basic questions, such as what he or she might be thinking, or can develop more in-depth questions to delve into the experience.


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