Red Ribbon Week Resources – Warning, Take Only As Directed

A week dedicated to educating youth and encouraging participation in drug prevention activities, the Red Ribbon Campaign is October 23-31, 2016. From resources for discussing difficult topics to a live virtual field trip in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Discovery Education has modern resources to raise awareness of the impact of drugs and alcohol and to empower students to make positive choices.

Please preview all resources before sharing with your class.

An overlooked topic of drug abuse prevention and awareness activities is the issue of prescription drugs. Readily available and in most of our homes, we often don’t realize how strong the medications used in these drugs are and how dangerous they can be when outside of their intended use.

Trish Glowacki tragically lost her young son to a prescription drug overdose. Not wanting others to suffer such a painful loss and in hopes to change future prescription practices in parents and young teens, she created a short film, Warning: Take Only As Directed to support teachers and parents in discussing this difficult subject.

Available to all Discovery Education Streaming and Streaming Plus subscribers, Warning: Take Only As Directed follows three high school students as they navigate the very dangerous reality of casual prescription drug use. The program includes multiple musical pieces that address the dangers and consequences of mixing pills and overdoses.

We spoke with Trish about why she created this important resource, things to look out for, and some of the ways you can talk about prescription drugs with your students.

Visit to find out more about Warning: Take Only As Directed and see behind-the-scenes clips.

Looking for more instructional resources to support Red Ribbon Week? This blog post contains additional resources to share with your students.


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