Scare Up Some Learning This Halloween

From exploring the origins of Halloween to the spookiest tales from the masters of horror, students will scream for these Discovery Education resources.

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halloween-content-collection_polaroidFeatured: Halloween Content Collection

Content Collection, Grades K-12

Halloween evolved from ancient Celtic traditions and beliefs, many of which are still preserved today through traditional Halloween celebrations. Featuring resources selected and created by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, this content collection offers lesson starters, video clips, songs, and more.

Resources for Elementary Classrooms

Holiday Facts and Fun: Halloweenfactsandfun_polaroid

Video, Grades K-5, (Canadian Subscribers)

Come along on a trip to the slightly spooky, yet fun-filled world of Halloween. The history of the holiday is shown, along with an explanation of Halloween symbols and traditional activities. Halloween safety rules are covered in detail.

brave-witch_polaroidA Very Brave Witch

Video, Grades K-5

In the beloved children’s book by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Harry Bliss, a little witch decides she’d finally like to see what this special night of Halloween is all about. As soon as she makes a new friend, she discovers how much fun trick-or-treating with humans can be. Narrated by Elle Fanning.

5-pumpkins_polaroidSpooky Favorites: Five Little Pumpkins Song

Song, Grades K-2, (Canadian Subscribers)

Follows a conversation among jack-o-lanterns as they witness the frights of Halloween night–witches, wind, and fun! Lyrics begin: Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate/ The first one said, “Oh my it’s getting late”/ The second one said, “There are witches in the air”…

goosebumps_house_polaroidR.L. Stine’s Goosebumps

Content Collection, Grades 3-8

R.L. Stine’s classic children’s horror series comes to life with these spooky, live-action renditions. Goosebumps novels follow young adults as they navigate through eerie encounters with the supernatural world. For more Goosebumps, check out this audio collection, or search “Goosebumps” in Discovery Education.

sidscience_polaroidSid the Science Kid: Halloween Spooky Science Special

Video, Grades K-2, (Canadian Subscribers)

Sid and his friends have a Halloween party at school and learn all about their costumes, how to make spider webs and slime, and they go on a parade around the neighborhood.

Resources for Secondary Classrooms

modernhalloween_polaroidThe History of Modern Halloween

Video, Grades 6-12

Traces the true origins of modern Halloween celebrations, revealing how the holiday was almost banned during the 1920s, how Jack O’ Lanterns began lighting up Halloween during the nineteenth century, and how costumes first became accepted as Halloween tradition.

stephenking_polaroidThe PBS NewsHour: Stephen King Wants to Reach Out and Grab You—with His Writing

Video, Grades 9-12, (Canadian Subscribers)

Interviews novelist Stephen King at the Library of Congress National Book Festival about his latest novel, “End of Watch,” the last in a trilogy. The interview also reveals the secrets behind King’s works of horror, writing routine, story development techniques, and what scares him the most.

Frankenstein Content Collectionfrankenstein_polaroid

Content Collection, Grades 9-12

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a story a a scientist who brings a man back to life using electricity and the modern science of the time. Featuring resources selected and created by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, this content collection features a detailed Shmoop learning guide (CDN) and companion audio (CDN) that intersperses readings with commentary, and more.

writer_edgar_allan_poe_polaroidThe Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe: The Telltale Heart (CDN) / The Cask of Amontillado (CDN) / The Pit & the Pendulum (CDN)

Audio, Grades 6-12

Readings of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous dark tales about murder and guilt–and a chilling beat below the floorboards, a horror tale of a man moved to revenge after insults from a friend wear him thin, and a
horror story about a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition. For more on Poe, check out this author profile (CDN) and discussion of great books (CDN).

sos-pumpkin2Instructional Idea:

Spotlight on Strategies

SOS: Did You Hear That? (CDN) is a teaching strategy that encourages students to draw conclusions and create and describe mental images. Students listen to sound clips and develop a story that expresses how they visualize the sounds relating to each other. For a Halloween twist, use three spooky Discovery Education sound effects, like the sound of a storm (CDN), glass breaking (CDN), and a blood-curdling scream (CDN). Other scary sounds include a vampire sucking (CDN) and a witch’s cackle (CDN).


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