Oak Ridge Students Achieve More with Discovery Education

Students at Oak Ridge Schools in Tennessee have significantly increased their state testing scores using a combination of Discovery Education Science Techbook™ and Streaming Plus.

A recent analysis by Discovery Education shows that Oak Ridge’s fourth graders taught with these resources had higher science, reading, and math scores on the 2015 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) than their peers not taught with Discovery Education resources.

“We selected Discovery Education as our partner when we set out to achieve the goal of transforming Oak Ridge Schools into the premiere
STEM school district in the country. By integrating Discovery Education’s Science Techbook, along with robust professional development from their cadre of subject matter experts, we have seen measurable progress toward our ultimate goal of providing students the critical skills they will need to be successful not only in STEM, but in any field of their choosing.”
—Dr. Bruce Borchers, Superintendent, Oak Ridge Schools

Building a STEM Legacy

Oak Ridge Schools is raising the bar for college and career readiness in its students. A huge step in that direction was centering its curriculum priorities around STEM courses.

In 2015, Oak Ridge became the first school district in Tennessee to label itself as a STEM district, focusing on delivering foundational science, technology, engineering and math education to its students. It was a natural marriage — the region has generational roots with scientific studies. More than 70 years ago, it was the location for the Manhattan Project, and it remains home to a thriving community of scientists.

Superintendent Dr. Bruce Borchers said Discovery Education helped get Oak Ridge’s STEM program on track with its classroom resources and professional development. A core group of teacher leaders became power users of Discovery Education resources and increased the collaboration around digital classroom content happening throughout the district.

Streaming Plus and Techbook Empower Students

Students are responding to Techbook and Streaming Plus with renewed engagement in classrooms, said Borchers.

Streaming lets them explore the world with a vast collection of powerful videos. And Techbook’s interactive design speaks to their interests, grounds scientific material in real-world phenomenon, and gives them more control over their education with activities and hands-on labs.


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