Can Math Save Us From the Zombie Apocalypse?

Math has never been more terrifying! This Halloween, Discovery Education Math Techbook equips students with the skills to dodge the zombie apocalypse. Let’s hope students never have to put this real-world problem to the test…


zombie_luau_circleZombie Luau
Grade 6: 2.2 Solve Problems with GCF and LCM

At the Zombie Luau, you’ll need to find equal-sized groups of zombies if you want to avoid an apocalypse! How can factors be used to solve these problems?





When Will the Zzombie_face_circleombies Take Over This Town?
Grade 6: 1.2 Create Equivalent Ratios

The citizens of a small farming community thought they had nothing to worry about until people started turning into zombies. Now, they need to use equivalent ratios to get out of town before the zombies take over.




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