Ignite Your Passion for Discovery Winnipeg, MB edition

It sounds repetitive and almost cliche but once again we had an amazing night of community and learning. The Winnipeg Ignites from 2014 and 2015  had some of the widest range of presenters. This year was no exception. From classroom teachers to principals, to district leaders to storytellers and authors, we were privileged to 10 outstanding Ignite talks.  Here was the lineup and their topics:

Rex Ferguson-Baird “I used to scatter stones, but now I gather them”
Wilma Derksen “I used to think forgiveness wasn’t for everyone…”
Darren Kuropatwa “I used to believe (a lot of things)…”
Dennis Maione “I used to have a proper job but now I am a writer.”
Charmaine Mckid “I use to strive, now I thrive”
Andy Mckiel “I used to save lives but now I just teach”
Tara McLauchlan “I used to read books…”
Brian Metcalfe “I used to have old “knee’ds” … but now I have NEW “knee’ds”!
Brent Schmidt “We used to write alone, but now we create together.”
Dean Shareski “I used to think community was important…”

We did record the audio so hopefully we’ll post some of the talks with the slides. For now, get a sense of the night with this twitter moment:



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