SOS: Tech or Treat Monster Mash-Up


The Spotlight on Strategies series includes more than one hundred different ideas for strategies you can use to engage students in active learning with digital media.

Though they work well as stand-alone strategies, many DEN Community members have suggested that mashing them (combining two or more together) produces amazing results!  Here are some ideas for some mashed combinations.



Six Word Story

Present 4 images that will spur discussion and reflection.  After discussion, ask students to summarize the main idea into six words.

Step Inside


They Said What?

Analyze an image of a person to infer what he/she observes and what he/she may be thinking and then add a dialogue or thought bubble to the image that incorporates those inferences.

Gone Fishn’


Whittle It Down

Watch a video that has two distinct perspectives.  Have a fishbowl conversation, summarize conversations and then ask students to whittle it down to the five key words on each side of the argument.

Connect – Extend – Challenge


Four to One

Follow the PDF directions for Connect-Extend-Challenge and then have students answer the questions with a Four to One image “answer” by either drawing pictures or using PicCollage or Google Slides to put digital pictures together.

Picture It!


Twenty Questions

Introduce a topic with a Picture It! sort.  After sorting images, ask students to generate a list of 20 questions they have about the topic.  Use this list to guide instruction and independent learning.

We’d love to know what strategies you love to mash together!  Share in the comments below so we can try your combination, too!




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