Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

We have been hearing a lot about the best ways to safeguard freedom and maintain global relations, so it is an especially good time to focus on men and women who have served.

Discovery Education has resources about these commemorations for all ages and in many different formats. We suggest you help students understand the history of military service and then have them compare resources from different times in history to talk about the evolving experience of veterans and global politics.


Videos and video segments can help students build background knowledge about events in history. Here are some video segments about Veterans Day and Remembrance Day for students of all ages.

holiday-facts-and-fun-veterans-day_circleHoliday Facts and Fun: Veterans Day

Discovery Education Streaming, K-5, (12:06 in four segments)

This video, with four segments, gives an overview of the history of Veterans Day, talks about how we observe it, and include a video quiz.

veterans-and-veterans-day_circleVeterans and Veterans Day

Discovery Education Streaming, 6-8, (12:21 in four segments)

Considers how America’s hard-working men and women in uniform protect the freedoms established by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Introduces the marines, army, navy, and air force and considers several wars as it reviews the origination and growth of the commemoration of Veterans Day.

the-cost-of-war_circleThe Cost of the War

Discovery Education Streaming Canada, 6-12, (02:07, video segment)

Discusses the Canadian lives lost during World War I, the war from which Remembrance Day was born.

  the-memorial-chamber_circle The Memorial Chamber

Discovery Education Streaming Canada, 6-12, (02:20, video segment)

At the base of Peace Tower, the Memorial Chamber houses the book of remembrance and serves as a place to honor the Canadian soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

life-after-wwii_circleLife After World War II

Discovery Education Streaming, 9-12 (04:25, video segment)

Veterans of World War II discuss the lingering effects of combat and coping with the horrific memories of war.


Images can serve as fascinating entry points into personal experience, multiple perspectives, and event details. Here are some images that will help your students consider the drive to commemorate our veterans on this special day.

veteran_placing_rose_on_memorial_circleVeteran Placing Rose on Memorial

Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook, 6-12

John L. Steer places a rose in between the panels of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC, in observance of Veterans Day. Steer lost his right arm in 1967 during the war in Vietnam.

advertisement_helping_veterans_find_homes_circleAdvertisement Helping Veterans Find Homes

Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook, 6-8, Primary Source

A poster from the Veterans’ Housing Center that served as an advertisement.

vietnam_veterans_parade_on_broadway_circleVietnam Veterans Parade on Broadway

Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook, K-12

Vietnam War veterans march up Broadway, showered with tickertape and carrying American flags.


marines_raising_american_flag_on_iwo_jima_circle Veterans Day Content Collection

Discovery Education Streaming, K-12

The holiday began as a day to commemorate those who served in World War II, and it has grown to become a day of appreciation for anyone who has served in the armed forces. Veterans Day also provides citizens with a chance to reflect on conflicts and how they have shaped our country and to honor those who have fought for freedom. Featuring resources selected and created by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, this content collection offers lesson starters, video clips, articles, and more.

red-poppies_circleJohn McCrae: “In Flanders Field” (Canadian Subscribers)

Audio, Discovery Education Streaming , K-12, 01:22

“In Flanders Field” was written by a military physician, John McCrae, and is one of the most notable poems from World War I. McCrae wrote the poem after he witnessed his friend’s death at Flanders battlefield in France. The poem is the inspiration for the use of the poppy flower as a symbol on Remembrance Day in Canada and Britain.

rwb_sos_starSOS: Multiple Perspectives

Instructional Strategy, all Discovery Education services

This teaching strategy requires students to engage deeply with an image or video as they assume a perspective other than their own. Students create a narrative from inside a piece of media, from the perspective or an object or person within. Encourage your students to study the images related to Veterans Day and Remembrance Day after they have watched the videos and built some background knowledge. They should take the perspective of something or someone in the image and reflect from that angle.Save


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