Spring 2017 DEN Ambassador Program Enrollment is Open!

Are you looking to help your colleagues use digital resources in more integrated, thoughtful ways?
Maybe you want to help re-engage teachers with the use of Discovery Education?
Do you want to build your leadership skills and share your passion with others?
Consider leading a DEN Ambassador Program in your district!

amb-waveringThe DEN Ambassador Program is a learning experience designed to fully support teachers as they integrate digital media into their teaching practice while building a community of educators who share, reflect and learn together. The program is lead by a school or district leader (like YOU!) and Discovery Education provides all of the materials needed to host the program. By leading the three in-person professional learning and networking events for your colleagues, you can grow your practice together.

The program is available at no cost and your Discovery Education team will provide you ongoing support as you lead a cadre in your school, district, or region. The Ambassador program works with any size group- from a grade level group of 4 to a district wide cohort of 40. If possible, we suggest gathering educators from across your district (or region) to allow for dynamic conversations where educators can learn and share together. Click here to learn more about the program.

“The DEN Ambassador program was a great experience. One of the best outcomes was being able to build a network, within my school district, of teachers that I can collaborate with. I loved hearing how they were using Discovery Education in their classrooms and taking that information back to share with the teachers at my own school.”
– Corinna, DEN Ambassador in Florida

Enrollment is open now for our Spring Cohort!

The three Ambassador events should be held within a set timeframe to build momentum that will drive Ambassadors to connect, share, and learn with others and ensures that weekly messaging and program components shared by Discovery Education are up-to-date and relevant. Spring 2017 Event Dates

Event 1: February 6- 17

Event 2: March 13- 24

Event 3: April 10- 28

Amb Flyer

Review this flyer to learn more and share program details with your school & district leaders.


Then, apply to host the program in your district.

Registration is open until January 20, 2017

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