5 STEM Career Challenges

“You can’t be what you can’t see”

Students need opportunities to see what careers are in the world beyond the classroom as well as understanding how STEM plays into each career pathway. Giving students the ability to see how their passions can be turned into work around STEMis critical to their success in the future.

Discovery Education STEM Career Challenges are developed to engage students in scenario based learning tied to STEM career pathways that are less common to our students. The ability to connect student passions to their individual futures helps capture student interest in learning. STEM Career Challenges have been developed to allow flexibility and customization for each teacher, school, and district based on your own standards and curriculums.

The DEN STEM Community will continue to develop monthly challenges as well as posting challenges YOU submit for consideration!  Submit a STEM Career and Challenge important to your own local community for us to share with the Discovery Community!

To submit your idea: STEM Career Submission

Below you will find the first FIVE challenges developed and ready for students:

Wildlife/Nature Photographer https://discovery.box.com/v/WildlifeNaturePhotographer

Sports Statistician https://discovery.box.com/v/SportsStatistician

Virtual Reality Developer https://discovery.box.com/v/VRDeveloper

Media Strategy Analyst – https://discovery.box.com/v/MediaStrategyAnalyst

Webpage Designer https://discovery.box.com/v/WebpageDesigner



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