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Remember blogging? For many people involved in technology and education, blogging is a relatively old tool and my guess is that many of you reading this either have a blog or at one time created one. For many reasons, they still are a great way to reflect, share and provide a versatile platform for a variety of purposes. As a proud Canadian, I wanted to share

As a proud Canadian, I wanted to share just a few of the active bloggers within our community and in our country. There are many more than these but here are 4 DEN Stars to add to your regular reading.

Hugh McDonald: Hugh is a grade 6/7 teacher in Surrey, BC. Hugh is a strong advocate of ideas like Genius Hour and other innovative practices.

Robyn Thiessen: Robyn is also from Surrey School District and has been exploring many ideas around space and design.

Kelli Holden: Kelli teachers grade 3 in Spruce Grove, AB. She has recently moved to a brand new school that and is going to be able to continue her innovative practices in a great new space with a collective team that is pushing the envelope of new learning.

Rex Ferguson-Baird: Rex is a principal from Winnipeg, MB. Rex has built an enormous number of partnerships for his school and is as creative a leader as you will find anywhere.

Rola Tibshirani: When it comes to student ownership and agency, Rola leads the way.

If you are actively blogging, please share blog address and we’ll try and highlight your work as well.



  1. Greg Girard said:

    What about the “eh Team” Brothers who promote travel and adventure in all of Canada via blog, website, social media. (blog link at top) . They started as 1 little community website in Sidney, BC and now have a top ranked blog and their website is in over 450+ communities and expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada.

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