Ignite Your Passion for Discovery Edmonton, AB edition

This is actually our 2nd event in Edmonton in 2016. Thanks to the efforts of Diane Lefebvre and host district Edmonton Catholic, we had a terrific evening with a huge variety of talks.

We heard talks about life-changing events, mental health, classroom transformations as well as our first singing Ignite talk . Here’s a list of the talks:

Dana Ariss “I used to paper, but now I tech”
Raj Boora “I used to be bald….”
Daniel Filiatrault “I used to stress but now I Ommm”
Kelli Holden “I used to think boxes were for packing stuff in, but now I now they are for letting things out.”
Diane Lefebvre “I used to blab…But now I sit back and watch”
Sarah Platero “I used to lay on the couch…’
Dane Sadownyk “I used to only have iPads, now I have choice & community”
Dean Shareski “I used to think community was important…”
Lynne Zwicker “I used to pull out my hair, but now I’m painting rainbows”

And now the Twitter moments…


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