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Three Questions

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SOS Big IdeaThis strategy prompts students to ask three questions about a topic, leading them to deeper investigation and understanding through the use of a variety of media resources. Introduced by Trace Dominguez at DENSI 2015, this strategy reinforces the idea that when students generate their own questions about a topic, it piques their interest and gives purpose for reading or research.

 SOS StepsMaterials:  Research tool(s), paper, pencil

  1. First, have the students fold a piece of paper into thirds, either vertically or horizontally, and label the paper with the topic being studied.
  2. Next, have students generate a question about the topic and write it in the first column.
  3. Have students use video, audio, and text resources to conduct research to answer the question and then record the answer below the question.
  4. Instruct students to use what they now know to generate a new question.  This is written at the top of the second column.
  5. Have students again use digital media to research the question. When they find an answer, they should record it in the second column, under the question.
  6. Finally, have students use this new information to generate a third question that will guide their research.
  7. Have students use the questions and answers to summarize what they now know about the topic.

SOS Sum It UpWhen students generate their own questions about a topic, it helps them to drive their own educational experience. It is one step toward individualizing and differentiating instruction by permitting the student to explore personal areas of interest within an established framework.

SOS More Ideas

Use Discovery Education Board Builder to create a board of the questions and answers, inserting supporting images and videos from the Discovery Education library.

Use a web 2.0 presentation tool such as Prezi or PowToon to create a short, animated slide show demonstrating the connections.


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  1. Katie Sandler said:

    I love this idea; especially the idea that their initial question and research is used to generate more questions. So easy to use, and it will get kids diving deeper into a topic. I’m excited to share this with teachers and see how their students react to having more choice in what their researching.

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