STEM Strategies that Work – November 2016

STEM Culture is something that is developed over time through intentional strategies which highlight STEM careers, STEM skills, and the interconnectivity of the world around us all. Each month we are highlighting some of the strategies we see in classrooms from our DEN and STEM educators building pathways for their colleagues to implement a STEM culture.

“Pause – Rubric – Reflect”

Inspired by: Jessica Vasquez, Maury County Public Schools, TN

As students become more engaged in STEM education, it’s imperative that they begin to use and reflect on the 4 C’s – collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. These 21st century skills need to be taught, modeled, and reflected upon by students. This strategy requires students to explicitly reflect and revise STEM behaviors and dispositions which making using the 4C’s effective.

Click here to download this strategy

“Searching for Problems to Solve”

Inspired by: Erin Leone, Mehlville School District, MO

Students need opportunities to see how problems and ideas span content areas. Through this strategy, students are asked to identify issues in the texts they encounter across disciplines; and take the next logical step, brainstorm & propose solutions.  Students will utilize the 4 C’s to make connections to content across disciplines all while examining the effects in their own “real-world’s”! This strategy allows students to be in charge of their own learning and create solutions to problems they indentify themselves.

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