#CelebrateWithDE – Winter Solstice

The first day of winter, or Winter Solstice, falls on December 21, 2016. It’s a great time to use imagery to engage your students in all their core areas. We have some ideas for using some specific teaching strategies along with winter-related content to strengthen literacy skills.

If you want to focus all your attention on winter weather, you can use our Winter Weather Content Collection to find great resources and lesson starters.

Stay warm!

SOS Strategy: Six Word Story

All Services, K-12, SOS Strategy

Use images and video of winter scenes and scenarios to prepare students to write six-word stories about winter. Take a look at this example board of the activity. We’ve collected some resources to start with, but you can go as broad or narrow as you like.

Suggested Images


SOS Strategy: Snowball Fight

All Services, K-12, SOS Strategy

We just had to include this strategy to support the content focus! Make sure that your students have paper and writing utensils and then play a video for them. Have each student write one fact on their paper, then crumple it up to form a paper snowball. Have the students toss their paper snowballs to each other, then each student adds information to the snowball he or she received. Repeat the process a few time with the same snowballs.

Suggested Videos

The Four Seasons: Winter, Discovery Education Streaming, Science Techbook, K-5

Discover the special traits of the winter season. While it is colder in most of the Northern Hemisphere during winter, some places, such as Florida and California, remain fairly warm and can produce fruits. Animals and humans manage to adapt to the colder weather in various ways.

Sci Q: Snow and Ice: Staying Warm, Discovery Education Streaming, Grades 3-8

Talks about how animals adapt to winter conditions. Like humans who dress more warmly in winter, animals use fur, blubber, and feathers to keep their body heat inside. Other animals, like reptiles, insects, and fish, are ectotherms that depend on their environment for their internal temperatures. These animals have different strategies.

The Seasons: Solstice and Equinox, Discovery Education Streaming, Science Techbook, Social Studies Techbook, Grades 9-12

Explores the concepts of the solstice and equinox.



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