Ignite Your Passion For Discovery at FETC 2017

Join Discovery Education, Tuesday January 24, 2017 for Ignite Your Passion for Discovery, a powerful evening of short, energizing presentations combined with networking and engaging conversations.  This is the third season that Discovery Education has hosted these events around the country.

This year’s sub-theme is asking, “I used to _____ but now I _____” Your Stories of Transformation.  Presenters will be sharing their personal stories of transformation and change. Each presenter will be sharing in the Ignite format which is a 5-minute presentation that features 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. It’s a fast-paced format to be sure. Each presentation will also end with a question that is intended to spark your curiosity and provoke conversation.

Along with this format, you’ll have a chance to network and interact with fellow educators. The evening is sponsored by Discovery Education.

Consider a colleague who might not be connected on social media. Present it to them as a great night out, which it certainly will be, we’ll just sprinkle in some inspiration and awesomeness.

Here are a few of our confirmed speakers:

Mike Thorpe, Santa Rosa County, Florida

Rafranz Davis, Lufkin, Texas

Robert Dillon, St. Louis, Missouri

Diane Lauer, St. Vrain, Colorado

Wendy Norton, Osceola County, Florida

Scott Burns,Discovery Education

Dean Shareski, Discovery Education

The cost is free. We’ll even buy you a drink and some food, you bring your curiosity. See you on January 24th. Space is limited, so register now!

Have questions about Ignite Your Passion for Discovery at FETC 2017 or want information about hosting one near you, please contact David Fisher.

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