STEM Strategies that Work – January 2017

STEM Culture is something that is developed over time through intentional strategies which highlight STEM careers, STEM skills, and the interconnectivity of the world around us all. Each month we are highlighting some of the strategies we see in classrooms from our DEN and STEM educators building pathways for their colleagues to implement a STEM culture.

“Fishbowl Discussions”

Inspired by: Lauren Goodin, Santa Rosa County District Schools, FL

Collaboration and communication can be some of the most difficult STEM skills to teach and assess. The Fishbowl Discussion, a Socratic method, provides opportunities for students to use accountable talk to address others while requiring active listening and critical thinking. Teachers can use this strategy in any content area or grade level to assess learning or provide students with an opportunity for reflection.

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“Character Algorithms”

Inspired by: Marsha Harp & Kayla Graham, Santa Rosa County District Schools, FL

Teaching students about computer science is essential in preparing them in the 21st century. Learning coding isn’t just about computers, though, it also teaches students how to think and how to express their thoughts in ways others can understand. These are critical skills that can be used across content and career pathways and will contribute to student success in the future. Through this strategy, student build their skill based for communication as well as connecting content in all areas to basics of coding.

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