Ignite Your Passion For Discovery, FETC 2017 Edition

Ignite Your Passion For Discovery, FETC 2017 Edition, brought over 70 educators together to connect, learn, and share around the theme of “I used to…But now I…” Stories of Transformation.  Presenters and participants traveled from near and far for this first Ignite event at FETC.

Topics ranged from the human aspect of education to the tying of two stories together to realizing that simply giving the correct answer is not the correct answer.

Here’s our list of great presenters and their presentation titles:

Amanda Dykes, “Used to teach Science”

Bob Dillon, “Humans of Education”

Diane Lauer, “I used to think of Video as a Substitute for Face-to-Face Coaching…”

Rushton Hurley, “Two Stories of Learning”

Rafranz Davis, “The Dreamer In The Driveway”

Mike Thorpe, “Is the Answer THE ANSWER?”

Scott Burns, “I Was That Student!”

Dean Shareski, “I Used To Think Community was Important”

To finish up, have a look at some great tweets from the event.


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