Dining with the DEN at GSTA

On Thursday, February 2, 2017, educators from across Georgia gathered for our third annual Dining with the DEN at GSTA in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Each year, we bring together individuals who are passionate about teaching, learning, and connecting for an evening of networking and fun.   Our attendees shared their stories from the day of learning at the Georgia Science Teachers’ Association conference, focusing on favorite resources, shared experiences, and common instructional goals. They found deeper connections around their own professional and personal interests, highlighting further opportunities to follow up and share. Truly, they found the power of connecting educators with their greatest resource, each other.

Whether you are interested in learning some tips for incorporating your Discovery Education services into your instruction or you want to find colleagues from across the world who are interested in collaborating to create new learning opportunities for students, your Discovery Education Community offers many unique opportunities to connect. Looking for ways to get started?

  • Host a DEN Ambassador cohort if you want to lead local professional learning in your district.
  • Join our Facebook group, DEN Friends, to find fellow educators from around the world who are sharing ideas and resources.
  • Take a deeper dive into our Professional Learning Center to find toolkits, step by step guides, global collaborative projects, and more.
  • Participate in one of our upcoming events, like the President’s Day Virtual Viewing Party or a virtual field trip “Inside the World of 3M Science.”

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