#CelebrateWithDE – Black History Month

Discovery Education celebrates the achievements and contributions of black Americans and honors the journey of African Americans in United States history.

We’re sharing instructional ideas and resources throughout the month to bring Black History Month’s celebration of culture and community to your classroom, and we ask you to share how you and your students honor African American history. We encourage you to snap a photo or share a student artifact with the hashtag #CelebrateWithDE and #BlackHistory.

Featured Resources

JRobExplore the Black History Month Content Collection, featuring resources selected and created by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, including lesson starters, video clips, songs, and more, and delve into the lives of African Americans who made history.


BE032416In this Lively Lesson activity, students consider what it must have been like for African Americans who led groundbreaking lives, and they imagine what social media might have looked like on the eve of some of those great accomplishments.


Coffle_circleWith this set of resources, students explore the realities of life before the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment by focusing on different aspects of slavery through a Spotlight on Strategies: Jigsaw activity.



These resources help students explore the contributions of black Americans to art and culture while comparing the Harlem Renaissance to the rise of hip hop.


bessie_coleman_circleIn this Lively Lesson, community member Francie Snyder shares resources and strategies for instruction and assessment while celebrating Black History Month in your classroom.


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