Start with Hello

Our community of educators face many challenges in their classrooms, schools and communities. Some challenges are easier to overcome than others.  As educators, we are placed in a unique position to not only mentor youth in their academic endeavors, but also counsel them through some of the more unfortunate, brutal realities of life. This is not a position many of us thought we’d be in.  I taught science and left college fairly well equipped to do this.  I was not prepared to help students that felt like they were socially isolated; that they were invisible. You may feel the same way.

There are programs that can help and I know many schools and districts provide, at least at some level, support for teachers that aren’t sure how to help. A program that we know can help is Start with Hello.

The Sandy Hook Promise, Start with Hello program teaches students grades 2-12 the skills they need to reach out to and include those who may be dealing with chronic social isolation and create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within their school.

Start with Hello is a no-cost, easy-to-implement, and life-saving program that can be delivered in classes, assemblies or via student ambassadors. Training takes 50 minutes or less with a wide range of post-training activities and events to ensure sustainability and integration into the school culture. SHP will train educators and/or students or you can download a digital kit with presentation and resource guides.


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